Where's Dick?

Opera in Two Acts


"A sassy, grotesque, merrily mean-spirited new opera that satirizes the sex and violence of modern society." - Mark Swed, Wall Street Journal

Libretto by Michael Korie
World premiere Houston Grand Opera May 1989
Directed and designed by Richard Foreman
Conducted by John DeMain

Soon to be a feature-length animated film
directed by Greg Ford

14 singers, 1 actor
90 minutes

Inspired by detective fiction, film noir and vaudeville, Where's Dick? takes place over one long Christmas Eve in a crime-riddled metropolis.

In a series of misadventures, the wannabe hero Junior marries and loses his new sweetheart Fate Spritely, has sex with an albino gorilla, is kidnapped and held at a corrupt orphanage and eventually becomes a criminal celebrity himself when he commits murder and has his ''face in the papers, name up in lights.''

The opera answers the question ''Where's Dick?'' with the anti-anthem ''There's a Little Dick in All of Us.''



Samples as Audio and Video Files

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Simple Solution (Audio, 2:19)


A Little Dick in All of Us (Audio, 3:46)