Yiddisher Teddy Bears

Libretto by Richard Foreman
Commissioned by the Ontological-Hysteric Theater with funds from The Mary Flagler Carey Trust and the National Endowment for the Arts
Directed and designed by Richard Foreman

Featuring The Klezmatics

Workshop Performance
at Robert Redford's Sundance Theater Lab, Sundance, Utah

July 2001

9 singers, 9 musicians
85 minutes
Sung throughout in heavy Yiddish accents

Yiddisher Teddy Bears is a comical music-theatre work that symbolically traces the history of the Jews in turn-of-the-century Yiddish Vaudeville style.

It follows the philandering gentleman, the handsome Hoffmeister - a matinee-idol type who seduces every available woman on the Lower East Side of New York.


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Don't Be Afraid of Chrismas (Audio, 5:44)